The classroom has changed

What, Why and How


What we do

We work on organisational requirements for Employability skills and Employee Development.

The challenges of  Employability and the Skills required is the core focus of our programs and workshops.  

Our courses and services are designed around the need for enhancing the Self, Career and Relationships of individuals as students and as employees.

We are focusing on

1. Education:  identifying employability skill requirements across the wide spectrum of urban and rural education institutions. The attempt is to offer ground-up tailored Employability Skills Development Programs that cater the unique needs of students, Teaching Staff and management of tier-2 and rural education institutions.  

2. Empowering Employees: Wide range of workshops that align with regular training requirements, workshops that are a perfect fit in your employee engagement approach,  customised workshops as per the need or based on a set of values. Leadership and collaboration Skills. Social Media Coaching / CyberSecurity Awareness Programs based on the audience.


What do we work on?

The difference in education standards delivered across colleges and universities in India varies more drastically than the global average variation. 

This makes the Future of a Engaged Workforce a challenge due to the low employment quotient in our graduates.

in short... we work on levelling that data shown in the picture, by focusing on the learner - as a student and as an employee  early in his/her career. 

And we believe the learning has to be tailored and tuned for the engaged learner. 

We engage with your education institution/corporate organisation and its learners to understand the learning needs and provide customised learning solutions.


Our education focus in on the large base of graduates from tier-2 and rural backgrounds, who find it challenging gaining and sustaining Urban Employment.

We want to explore with you - how best it is to ensure employability skills are imparted to your students during the time span of a 2, 3 or 4 years of UG and PG degree programs.  

Apart from focusing on how best employability skills can be tailored into your course delivery we are open to work with you on

  • Feedback in Education  
  • Teacher's Skill Enhancement 

Empowering Employees:

While our employee focus is on helping small and medium organisations identify and delivering skills via workshops and training agendas. We focus on mid level management and teaming skills. 

Making graduates more employable and creating value out of employment is what we work on. 


How we do it

We use the design thinking and agile essence of OBSERVE, REFLECT and MAKE in what we do!


Each college is a different eco-system and the learning needs have to be customised depending on the unique factors that make the student population of that education institution.

Pedagogy has been redefined by technology and availability of information, there is a greater need to change the learner’s approach to learning and using tools of collaboration, conversations, peer-to-peer learning, availability and utilisation of modes and channels of accessing information and creating interactions.

We work on the basis of creating conversations with your education institution and its students via free sessions to understand the level and nature of engagement required. 


Employee Focus:

We understand your need first. We then mutually agree on what is to be delivered focusing on your objectives. 


More details here 


Why focus on employability

A well rounded and emotionally balanced individual is a prospective employee and a responsible citizen of the society. 

Employability is as low as 20% in non-metro cities and rural areas - Primarily because of a lack of skill desired by most employers. 

At the same time most Corporates and organisations have moved on from the bell curve based assessments to much deeper personal and broader skill set approach to understand and engage an employee

Education and Employment as human engagement platforms play the most significant roles in engaging human potential for organisational and individual success.

Less than 25% of all graduates are employable and the need has never been greater to enhance the complete employment and employee experience to stay Competitive, Productive and Innovative.

Innovation for progress will remain an aspiration unless we find ways in each eco-system to bring out the best in human potential. 

Considering organisation - education as well as employment organisations are about people - we need to produce more employable graduates and also need to sustain, develop and enrich their lives as employee.

We see this vision in our actions and we want to be a part of the efforts for your students and employees.


Why focus on sustaining and enriching employability

Roles are shifting and innovation is the focus with the ever growing millennial work force. 

Roles of managers and employees have changed breaking norms like the bell curve and not using Team Based Decision Making for performance evaluation. 

These facts make it more harder to neglect employee empowerment.  

1. Companies are now investing in re-skill/up-skill and measuring it in employee assessment.

2.  Employee engagement is a powerful tool for organisation success.

3. Employee satisfaction, retention and development of talent are now a main stream actions for any commercial success of the organisation. 

First line managers face a huge challenge and are the frontline to companies mission and vision.

We focus on the following 

  • First Line Managers(FLM) training. 
  • People Manager Training.
  • Employee Engagement Strategies.
  • Social Media Coaching for employees.
  • Leadership Skills for Team Leaders.
  • Leader ship skills for Executives and 2nd line Managers.
  • Teaming and Collaboration skills for Large Team and Team working time zones.
  • Team Building Sessions based on business objective identification.  
  • New Employee Orientation Programs
  • Social media awareness for employee / Safe Social Media practices. 
  • Cyber security awareness programs

Motivation and Inspiration

The need today

Real World Employer Testimonials

Unique Challenges

With 20% of graduates being employable - action is needed now!

The challenge can be only be addressed by looking at generating capability of being employed in our graduates and employees with vision of growth in their careers.

Unique Challenges

Real World Employer Testimonials

Unique Challenges

Young demography and "Juggad" based Innovative success are the prime characteristics we can ask for as a challenge and as a opportunity. 

Educator or Employer - our ideas do meet when it comes to this challenge.

Real World Employer Testimonials

Real World Employer Testimonials

Real World Employer Testimonials

Companies are investing more or developing and retaining talent than invest time finding new ones as the Employability Quotient is low.

Employment quotient is really a cause of concern for employee looking for capable workforce in the local economy. 

Making a difference

Industry Acedemia Challenges

Real World Employer Testimonials

We are a group of Mysore University Engineers with around 18-20 years of professional experience working towards the core values of developing and applying human potential.

Each one of us has this mission to make a difference to lives and society around us based on what we are capable of contributing based on who we are and our professional learning that we bring into practice here. 

Industry Acedemia Challenges

Industry Acedemia Challenges

Industry Acedemia Challenges

The Gap is growing bigger as tech advancement break Moore's law and so is the need for graduate to catch up with the real world

We start with the basic real world connections and conversations around your learners/learning syllabus to identify the right level of engagement required with the industry.

Employabilty Potential

Industry Acedemia Challenges

Industry Acedemia Challenges

Years of focus on education in India has created the potential, but so has a large disparity on the quality of learning among students. 

Each college is a unique eco-system and this potential needs to be addressed starting at that level. 

Focusing on teacher development has become as significant as the focus on the learner's need.