L & D, Employability Skills, Train the Trainer, Bridging Industry and Academia

Learner Specific Programs

We love it when you are specific of your learning needs

We firmly believe and practice listening to your need before we lend our mind to it. 

We use different techniques to understand your need

1. Discussion at your availability 

2. Design Thinking Workshops to help you identifying your need and solutions to address it. 

3. Organise Ideation and Brainstorming sessions as per your need

4. Interact with your students and staffs by creating conversation to feel the pulse.

5. Identify and create questioners and feedback systems to cater your need.

6. Working Lunches 

7. Student interaction programs and technical events. 

So once we have heard your completely. We work on your need and during this duration we involve you to build with us the right facilitation or program for the need. 


Learner / Education Focus


Human Values (AICTE/VTU Based)

Designed on AICTE recommendations. 

These discussion and brainstorming based session focus on identifying and understanding following values

Self-direction, Achievement, Power, Security, Conformity, Traditions, Universalism, Benevolence, Hedonism, Justice, Honesty, Faith, Service, Freedom, Integrity, Peace, Trust, Caring, Loyalty, Love, Non-violence, Sympathy


Employability Skills

This skill set is large and requires the academic institutions interest in generating "Employability" among their student rather than just creating "Employment". 

We cover customised sessions on 

  • Active Listening
  • Conversation Skills - formal, causal and purposeful speaking skills.
  • Writing Skills - Project Report, Technical documentation, Email, Business Plan writing skills
  • Understanding and managing Body Language
  • Critical Thinking, Reasoning, Ideation, Brainstroming
  • Creative Thinking
  • Goal Determination and Career Planning
  • Seeking Employment, Resume Writing, Handling Interviews  and Profile Creation.
  • Presentation Skills and Purpose Writing
  • Team Skills and Collaboration
  • ... the list is on as we discover new needs for our learners. 


Technical Acumen and Aptitude

Helping your Learners and campus recruitment staff understand and engage programs

  • Job market Landscape, Corporate Profile and major players. 
  • Understanding IT Systems across Industry laterals - Banking, Telecom, Retail, B2B Commerce, ECommerce, (Tech awareness session for IT/CS Students)
  • Understanding IT Systems - for Non-IT Students
  • Learning Programming for Non-IT Streams/Engineering Branches
  • IT certification and online Education Awareness sessions
  • Creating and organising Learning Spaces and Campus-Conversations (Example: Whiteboards for subjects across branches like this one for DBMS for 5th Semester CSEngineering http://bit.ly/5thcse )
  • Organising Tech Discussion and professional guest talks for various streams and branches.
  • Final Year Project planning and execution guidance. 
  • Design Thinking and Agile Development

We do free workshop on a topic of your choice to understand the audience and then tailor topics as per our requirement. 

We work with your teaching staff on-campus to tailor programs based on their inputs and feedback.

We also focus on three tech domains in particular

  1. Machine Learning using Python 
  2. Data Analysis using Python
  3. CyberSecurity Skill Set for SOC Roles

Employee Focus

Employee Development Programs


These programs are focused on your agenda of employee development.

Our programs and workshops are based on the following principles 

  • The employees are involved in determining the knowledge, skills and abilities to be learned
  • The employees are participating in activities during the learning process
  • The work experiences and knowledge that employees bring to each learning situation are used as a resource
  • A practical and problem-centered approach based on real examples is used
  • New material is connected to the employee's past learning and work experience
  • The employees are given an opportunity to reinforce what they learn by practicing
  • The learning environment is informal, safe and supportive
  • The individual employee is shown respect
  • The learning opportunity promotes positive self-esteem

Leadership and Collaboration Programs


For organisations investing in leaderships skills for employees. we start from ground-up programs for client facing employee, first line managers and functional managers.

Our current list of offerings are as follows

  • First Line Managers(FLM) training. 
  • People Manager Training.
  • Leadership skills for Employees
  • Leadership Skills for Team Leaders.
  • Leader ship skills for Executives and 2nd line Managers.
  • Teaming and Collaboration skills for Large Team and Team working across time zones/Remote teams.
  • Team Building Sessions based on business objective identification.  
  • New Employee Orientation Programs

Employee Engagement Programs


If you have a vision of creating sense of ownership and engaging your employees for company advocacy, 

we can help in planning and enabling your employee engagement programs.

We also do 

  • Social media awareness and engagement programs.
  • Social Media Coaching and Usage Programs
  • Collaboration using social media and online tools - for employees as per companies requirement.
  • Cyber Security Awareness programs.
  • Office etiquette and communication skills.

Our actions can be based on your vision for your employees and leaders. Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.. 


1-2 Day Workshop

A professional is someone who can do his best work when he doesn’t feel like it.

—Alistair Cooke

Being professional - workshop on professional behaviour and gender sensitivity  

Audience: Can be tuned to the relevant audience. Same agenda can be customized for executive execution and also entrance level orientation education.  

Opening: Introductions and purpose 

Why times have changes and our prospective should change? 

Professional behaviour at workplace  

Session 1:  

Fundamentals of workplace behaviour  

Self and personality  

Attitude and values at workplace 

Perceptions and their impacts 

Attitude, conformity and expectations 

Case Study 1 

Session 2: Why are we indifferent? 

Are we born different or learn to be different?  

Being right  

Being professional 

A man’s view 

A woman’s view 

How different are we? 

Are you gender sensitive? 

Perceptions and point of views 

Case Study 2 

Session 3: Where is the challenge? 

Gender conversations approaches  


Culture effect 

Challenges from Point of views 

WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get 

Case Study 3 

Session 4: Interpersonal relationships 


Listening effectively to the opposite sex 

Taking responsibility  

Reaching across the divide 

What are your strengths and weakness when it comes to gender sensitivity? 

Resolving sensitivity issues and situations  

Case Study 4 

Session 5: Let’s wrap it up.  

Organization expectations  

Teamwork and leadership 

Emotional intelligence  



Agile and Design Thinking Programs

Business Agility


We speak the language of agile methodology but we speak in business terms and we speak about a lightweight approach that combines business development with agile principles to build a flexible organisation capable of reacting fast to unpredictable changes. 

Speak to us about Agile for Business.

Starting on Agile for Business


We understand and want to be a part of your efforts in bring agility to your business operations and decisions. 

If you want to reinvent your business with agile, speak to us about your ideas.

Design Thinking


Design Thinking can be the most powerful tool to identify what your customers, employees and partners need. 

We offer design thinking workshops for your leaders, Designers, Client facing staff, Program managers and implementation/field based teams.

We follow Design Thinking based on IDEO approach.