L & D, Employability Skills, Train the Trainer, Bridging Industry and Academia

Services we offer


Employability Skills Evaluation

We work with your college staff and student based on conversations, evaluations and interview to determine a employability quotient for your college. 

Based on this we recommend skill based curriculum to address the need. 


Tailored Workshops

Choose your topic, let us understand your audience and evolve your need into our delivery. Workshops are based on interaction and social play. 


Train the Trainer

Re-skill and up-skill is a integral part of your trainers and leaders focus. 

We do a these fundamental course for your trainers and teachers.

  • Conversation skills in classrooms   
  • Mentoring and feedback techniques 
  • Ideation – tools to support ideation among students
  • Facilitation and workshop skills for faculty and trainers
  • Encouraging critical thinking in classrooms 
  • Understanding employability challenges and how to address them in the classroom – employability skills understanding   
  • Use technology in teaching/learning – right tools and techniques   
  • Teach vs Coach techniques    

Recruitment focus for Education Institutions

What we can do for you

  • We can help you reach out to the industry to sign MOU for recruitments.
  • We can help understand and fine tune your placement program needs.
  • We do the research required in enabling your placement officer for identifying the job market locally for respective courses and streams 

Analyse Employability Skill level of your students

  • Conduct tests and 1:1 sessions to understand how each student is placed on the employability quotient.
  • We take up training for your students in problem solving, aptitude, reasoning evaluations 
  • Resume Creation, Job Hunting Skills, Interview handling techniques...We can help there too.

Sharing professional testimonials and experience

  • We identify and invite a large array of working professionals based on various technical and subject based themes. 
  • We help you organise technical events, inter college technical conversations, guest talks and social media presence.
  • We identify the job roles and help your students identify subject domains to focus on.

Promote current placement actitivties

  • We can help you improve your current programs under placement cell for your students. 
  • We can cater to custom needs of various branches or course requirements for different graduate programs. 

Spreading the news

  • We will help you tailor the news of your achievements in social media and advertisement campaigns or any other we can help spread the word.
  • We identify employment events and resources working with AICTE/VTU, NSDC and various job portals working along your placement cell.

Create conversations and feedback

  • We help you create conversations with your students and also work on a feedback system to enable a constantly engaged student community. 
  • We help you create blog, websites, forums and online sharing spaces for your students, faculty and management. 

Employability Skills Training Services


Communication Skills and Self Awareness

Collaboration and Teaming skills

Creativity, Critical Thinking and Risk Taking Abilities

Self-efficacy, Self-image, identifying gaps and handling failures

Negotiation and conflict management

Industry Awareness and client facing skills

Learning Management System(LMS) Consulting

Are you exploring using a LMS?

With technology development, extensive use of digital materials and changing needs of modern learners a traditional classroom-based approach becomes less and less efficient. To remedy the situation schools and colleges adopt Leaning Management Systems allowing teachers to realize various pedagogical models, deliver personalized learning, engage and connect students.

if you are thinking outside the classroom learning and eLearning then LMS is what you have in mind, We can understand the scope of your need and suggest the best open and commercial solutions.